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Hi, I’m Keeley Ann & welcome to my blog Dunster Dreams.

I am your typical Northern lass (thank goodness for gravy; London you do not know what you’re missing out on) currently living with my boyfriend Nick in our gorgeous mezzanine apartment in an old converted cotton mill. The windows are huge which let in so much natural light; I will miss this when we leave to pastures new. First time buyers, I would never have thought this would happen!

I love fashion; although it doesn’t work too well with me as I am turning into a skinny jeans + t-shirt kind of girl. That’s probably a bad thing though right?!?! Online shopping is most definitely the way forward; nobody can cope with my ‘nothing looks right on me’ except my sister – she sees it as a challenge. I am hoping from all the beauty style bloggers that I keep reading someone might have the answers for me (fingers crossed)!!!

A couple months ago when I was searching to buy my first EVER dressing table (29 years too late) I stumbled across a beauty blog with a review on their new dresser; well this opened up a whole new world to me. Reading blogs at breakfast, after work & bedtime! Obsessed? I’ll let you decide.

Late one evening Nick asked ‘Why don’t you write a blog yourself’? MMM, that got me thinking. So I asked back ‘Why don’t you start your scuba diving in the UK? Do something you love; not just when we go on holiday?!’...Deal.

Join us on our journey in buying our first house, decorating, me trying to bake (food blogs to the rescue) & my obsessions with purchasing fragrances, body wash & patterned socks.

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