Monday, 25 August 2014

Florida Fashion & Purchases

Leading up to my Florida adventure I was in a total panic as to what I was going to wear in the American heat in the theme parks. I am a girl who never shows her pins which meant I do not own any denim shorts as I love my maxi dresses. Well maxis are not practical when it comes to roller coasters!!

After many weeks searching the web & help from my younger sister I came across culottes (thank you ASOS). Perfect for hiding my big booty & great for flattering the waist and hip line. The practicalities of shorts yet the prettiness of a skirt. The only problem I had was trying to decide which one to buy as there were so many gorgeous prints to pick from.

My 2 favourite outfits...

ASOS Lilac Culottes
Your Eyes Lie 'I'm a Unicorn' tank top (Got a lot of thumbs up for this top) :)

ASOS Floral Print Culottes
H & M Pink Spaghetti Strap Vest Top

I hate having my legs out or tree trunks as I prefer to call them but ASOS culottes really gave me the confidence to show a bit of skin. Oh they are also great for the suitcase packing as they do not crease easily as they are floaty from the waistband!

With all the walking I did I am so glad I purchased a pair of 'Birkenstock Rio 2 Strap' white sandals. After speaking with others I made sure I wore them in at work and around the houses a fortnight before we went away so they felt shaped to my foot. They really do help cushion the fall as they say. My knees feel every bang going when walking but I found them very shock absorbing. Comfortable yet not comprimising too much on style either!!

Sorry for the ramble but you've most likely seen these in nearly every Instagram summers day picture but above I am wearing my 'Roxy' prescription lens sunglasses. One of the best purchases ever!!! If you got tired of not being able to see properly, then I guarantee you will not regret it!! No more sunglasses over my normal specs :)

Holiday Buys

This was the moment I had been waiting for since I arrived in Florida; purchasing my first boyfriend 'Fossil' watch. I bought this one from the store 'Universal City Walk' which is on the shopping/entertainment walkway located between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

The customer service was brillant in deciding which one to get and the assistant was correct in saying that the colours of my new watch really do compliment my skin tone. Big thumbs up from me; a very happy customer indeed. The only problem I had was choosing which pretty box to keep my new prized posssion in :)

Hotel Grayson Presentation Box

I love how the graphics look along side my beauty products.

My dad calls it 'holiday tat' but a holiday just isn't a holiday without buying any!! Please don't judge, my inner 5 year old coming out my shell.

Transformers Drink Cup

I'm not writing this blog post drinking out of my transformers cup either. Honestly I'm not :)

What big buys do you get or got any secret 'holiday tat' purchases???

Please make me feel better about mine :)