Thursday, 12 June 2014

Buttercup Baby

Good morning my lovelies, hope you are all well? I cannot believe I haven't posted since last Thursday (naughty naughty me), but I do bring good news :) It is looking like were going to complete the sale of the house and get the keys to move in next week. Super super super excited for the paint buying from B&Q...does that mean I'm getting old?!? Oh well.

So being that lazy sloth this week that I am it wasn't last weekend but in fact the weekend before we went on a lovely walk called 'Broadbottom Circular' round Glossop way. It was quite a short walk for us being approx 4 miles but the weather was lovely and warm and took to the path at a nice leisurely pace.

The beauty of this walk I found was that it was not only easy enough for a beginner to follow but the mixture of scenery & path the route took was so varied. Part of the path in the early stages of the walk took me back to being a kid playing adventures in the back garden. Nick was laughing at me as the overgrown bushes either side of us were tickling my skin & I kept screaming 'BUG'!! Yeah I know still a wuss at twenty nine.

The contrast of the green shrubs with an array of rainbow coloured flowers, to then be submerged in a woodland with streams and bridges, & trees that could tell a tale of old. It certainly felt that we were on an adventure.

My favourite part had to be when we reached the highest point of the walk where the fields that we walked through welcomed us with hundreds of yellow buttercup flowers. Stunning!!

How cute are these wheel barrow flower displays? They were outside the farm that you have to pass on the walk. I do love little displays of creativity; I miss my creative side. That might end up being a blog post to show you some little tricks I used to get up to. Intrigured?? I hope so, better stay tuned :)

Oh did I mention there is a pub half way round the walk too?! Refreshment anyone? Mine's a sneaky Malibu + Coke :)

Anyone else enjoy walking as much as I do? Often feel like I'm the only one. Well I am certainly not the cool kid that's for sure. My lovely lady friends don't seem to be too interested in going on walking trips at weekend like I do. Nick's mum has a circle of female friends who often meet up every couple of months and go on a girly weekend away. Walking, food, drink, B&B & lots of fun and giggles. This is something I wish I could do! Maybe one day...

I would like to dedicate this post to the lovely Rachael who was asking to see a post from this walk.

 Hope you like? 

Miss you lots my dear friend...Hope to meet soon?!


  1. I love walking alone in nature. Your pictures are beautiful and lush. A pub half way!? Now that's my kind of walk! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment, I am happy someone likes my photos. Where do you go walking? xx