Thursday, 5 June 2014

Beauty Spring Clean

Yesterday me & Nick finally got the good news that we have been waiting weeks for...the searches for the property were buying have arrived. We're told we should have the report on Monday so fingers crossed we can then start talking exchanging contracts & potential moving in dates. I still can't believe were buying our first house together (soooo grown up).

This got me thinking about packing, OMG packing, I am bad enough trying to pack for a holiday!! Seriously a house!! mmmm...

So I thought this would be a good time to try to throw away unwanted junk & try to use up my beauty products that need I have quite finished! Talking beauty is much more fun then deciding if I should keep or throw away.

Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel

I first fell in love with Banana Boat in 2008 whilst I was traveling the big US of A. 'Touch wood' it's the one suncream my skin works well with & I haven't burnt from it yet so when I saw the after sun range I didn't think twice. I bought this bottle when we went to Egypt in January but clearly didn't get round to finishing it but as the bottle states it's great for skin that's 'exposed to the elements' and helps keep skin moist so not just for the sun kissed skin. When applying to my skin its spreads quite far so the big size bottle lasts a while. My favourite part of this gel is that it sinks & drys rather quickly into the skin which is great especially as Nick hates the feel of cream on my skin. Got to try and  keep young some how though!!

Hollister 'Laguna Beach' Body Mist

Fragrance body mists are my new favourite beauty accessory - pretty much guaranteed to have one in my handbag. I love the refreshing feel of them as they touch your skin. Feeling quite guilty that this has worked it way to the back of my dresser but I have been obsessed with my first Victoria Secret mists. This mist has such a fruity smell but not overpowering so I find it's ideal for work when topping up during the day. 'Dear Laguna, I am sorry we parted for so long but I have re-united you with my handbag' x

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter & Shea Shower Cream

I love 'The Body Shop' products, they were the skin care brand from when I was in my teens so they will always have a special place in my heart (shopping basket). Last Christmas I had asked guessed it Body Shop shower gel as its one of my little luxuries in life that I'm hooked on. I was lucky enough to received a Shea butter gift set with shower cream, body butter, body scrub & soap. The body scrub was amazing on my skin. I used it when I felt like my skin needed a real deep down clean. It felt so good; I can't begin to describe how soft my skin was after washing it off. Truly beautiful glowing skin. Definitely on this year's Christmas list again :)

The Shea shower cream is littlery on the last few drops :( I need a Body Shop basket full of this stuff; it makes even my crappy skin feel silky soft especially after using the scrub. I need more of this in my life haha.

This little beauty has been lost and found in my bathroom so I have only just opened it. I smoothed it onto my arms & again like the shower cream such as silky smooth feeling. I was very impressed that it sunk into my skin OK considering butters are normally heavier than lotions/creams. This will certainly help me get Florida holiday skin ready I'm sure :)

What shower gel scents would you recommend from The Body Shop?


  1. So excited for you and Nick!

    Reading this made me take the plunge and treat myself to some VS goodies - they smell gorgeous (I got Passion Struck)!


    1. Awww thank you Rachael, that's really sweet of you :)

      You can't beat a good beauty buy! How long did it take to choose one as if it wasn't for Nick waiting there with me I could of spent all day in the VS shop? :)