Monday, 2 June 2014

Stirling Castle

Really quite excited about this but I made my first Instagram blogger buddy today (you know who you are). Such a lovely lady with so many nice comments; felt really pleased that someone likes & enjoys reading my blog. Turns out we both have a passion for holidaying in America & a love of castles. As we both said '#historygeeks' :) Really looking forward to seeing her first blog post.

Talking castles brought back my memories of my surprise Easter bank holiday weekend trip to Scotland in April. Thank you again nick (amazing boyfriend). First time to Scotland and it certainly won't be my last. Absolutely stunningly beautiful.

Nick loves his history to & decided to take us on a trip to Stirling Castle...

The Palace

Great Hall

We were really lucky as the weather on the day was quite warm, the sun shone brightly & white whispy clouds lined the pretty blue sky. There was a gentle breeze but part of the grounds are in shade which get a little chilly so cardigan advised but hey I am cold at the slightest breeze. The sun really highlighted the architecture of these stunning buildings. I was in such awe.

The Palace

They do guided tours around the castle which lasted about an hour but I cannot recommend them highly enough. Regretfully I cannot remember our tour guide's name as it was April when we visited but he was a truly brilliant guide. Apart from the best Scottish accent his passion for the castle was really felt. A credit to the Stirling Castle team in my opinion.

One thing I particularly love about castles is that they usually come with amazing views & let me tell you that you will not be disappointed.

Enjoying the view

We bumped into our tour guide later on whilst we were enjoying the views. He answered all our questions pointing out interesting sights. Even took our photo for us so we good capture the moment.

The inside of the castle is just as amazing as the outside but my favourite part were the glass windows with the decorative artwork. If only these looked good in a modern home of today.

Room with a view
It was such a lovely romantic day out! And what better way to end a romantic day with ice cream (in my opinion). I really love ice cream on days out but Scotland has to have some of the tastiest, most creamiest I have ever tasted!

After checking into the bed & breakfast in Helensburgh we walked down the sea front with a 2 scoop tub. My first experience tasting a mango raspberry ripple ice cream. OOO it was heaven in a tub :)


What castles have you been to?


  1. I wish I was at the castle now. Love your photos. I have been to Leeds Castle, Warwick Castle, Windsor castle and one in northern Scotland that I cant remember :p. I love visiting castles x

    1. oooo I didn't know there was a castle in Leeds, will have a look online now. I really want to go to Warwick & Windsor but which one would you say was the best of those to? :)

      Keeley Ann xx

  2. Heya always wanted to go to Scotland hoping to get to Edinburgh at the end of the year. Stirling Castle looks amazing and the views wow defo a great photo opportunity! I defo need to take a trip with my other half! #historygeeks (for life) xxx

  3. P's, Warwick Castle is better than Windsor in my opinion more pricey but get the sun tokens when they come out later this year and then general admission will be free xx