Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Short but Sweet

Get to know me...

If you hadn't of guessed already then I will tell you that 'I LOVE sweets' (eating them as we speak) & they were disappearing quicker than I was taking the photos. Oops!

Seriously though why are all the sweetest pleasures the worst for you? I keep telling myself all in moderation (seriously) OH who am I kidding!

Apart from the fact that they taste so nice I feel like each shape or taste reminds me of a memory or the laughter and smiles that they bring.

In my bowl...
  1. Blue Dolphin - Holiday memories from Dominican Republic swimming with Dolphins.
  2. Fizzy Coke Bottles - The funny faces we make and the laughter it causes.
  3. Milk Bottles - Remind me that I havan't had my 'Moo Milk' yet! (My new addiction).
  4. Foam Banana - Childhood memory; Foam shrimp or banana wars. What did you prefer?

What is your favourite sweet & why?

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