Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wish Want Save

Like many of you my hard earned pennies are always on a budget. My wise mum taught me that you 'don't spend what you don't have' which to this day I still don't own a credit card although it is super tempting.  Super super tempting!!!

Even when I do have a little money to burn I can never find the clothes that look the part. Please tell me that this happens to you to or am I really that unlucky when it comes to finding clothes that suit me??

With this in mind when I am looking to buy something new I usually own the other components of the outfit already.

With summer creeping up, lighter evenings & less of a chill in the air (I'm always cold) I am looking for a nice summer evening Kimono. I want to team this up with my Topshop Leigh jeans & silk Cami with my Dorothy Perkins heels. With the possibility of completing the purchase of our first house early June there will be some nice celebrations, maybe even a cocktail or 2 in Manchester so to confirm I really do need that much preparation time.

'Boohoo' Alayna Flower Trim Bell Sleeve Kimono £20.00

'Love' Mint Oriental Print Kimono

In my opinion the Kimono is a timeless classic shape & with my budget I need it be around as long as the threads don't go bear; Yes I really am that bad!

So what outfit isn't complete with some accessories I hear you say?? Well I came across this little beauty searching Instagram

'Mama San' Best Friends Fox Necklace £18.00
Well as you know I love walking so love all things naturalistic so when I saw this beautiful fox necklace I was super excited! Plus the neutral colour always matches very nicely with most other colours.

What do you wear on your summer evening out?

What's your favourite item & for what occasion?

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