Sunday, 18 May 2014

Simple Pleasures

Good morning Sunday,

The tree that hung over my lounge chair - Bliss!!

Here all already?? That's OK, as your one of my favourite days of the week! :)

Breakfast eaten, kettle brewing (love love love my tea), Ipad switched on and back to bed to read my favourite blogs. Sunday morning reading is such a simple pleasure. It's so little effort but you walk away with a whole list of new things that I want to see & do. Not great for the bank balance when saving for our new house I must admit.

Yesterday was such a lovely relaxing day. I love our flat except it gets ridiculosy hot when the suns out but luckily Nick's parents were one step ahead and invited us round for a BBQ. Helloooooo Garden, swing chair, sunshine & juicy burgers!!! Still feeling the fullness from all the food although I only ate about half as much as everyone else though. How does that work?!

View from the patio - canal at the edge of the garden

Don't get me wrong I love our apartment but as I am getting older I am finding that the simplest things are my greatest pleasures. Having open space, greenery, flowers and fresh air in my lungs for half the day really makes a difference in how you feel. Like I tweeted yesterday 'Sunshine Happiness'. Fingers crossed the sale of our first home completes in June. Breathing hot humid air as we speak...eugh!!

One thing about the sun arriving is there are plenty of family & friend time. I am quite the chatterbox which as I always say to Nick 'that isn't always a bad thing'. It is days like these where stories are told, memories are made and plans start. Chatting & planning at the same time is a much favourite combination of mine. Sometimes I have so many ideas with lots of 'OOO's' & RRR's' my head gets dizzy. Then I laugh lots. Laughter makes memories; Vicious circle but a good one at that.

Turning into a rambler aren't I? Sorry.

Earlier in the week I managed to spot a lovely sleeveless chiffon blouse from Primark. Its baby pink in colour which I feel goes well with my skin tone (ghost white). I felt so summery and the material kept me cool. What do you think?

Apologies but I couldn't resist a pretty flower picture from the lushious green garden. Anyone know what they are??

 Anyways must dash, I need to get ready for our Sunday walk.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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