Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Life's Little Loves

Life's Little Loves - Read left to right

1 & 2. A couple of weeks ago I let myself loose in the Victoria Secrets beauty section and wow talk about trying to make a decision! Not only does everything smell so lush the colours & patterns on the bottles are so bright & pretty. I bought a selection as they were £13 each or mix and match for £30. 'Happy as Larry' when Nick said 'value for money if you get 5' - 'WAHOO' as I love to say. My favourite at the moment is 'Endless Sunset Hawaiian Orchid & Currant' fragrance mist and buffing body wash. I feel so summery, I feel like I can smell my past holidays. Even had a few nice comments :)

3.'Waves' by Mr Probz - Anyone else thing this song is totally awesome? Definitely a summer, relaxed feel good song. Nick told me to watch the music video as it shows one of our holidays we've been on. There is a clip of the tourist attraction Tulum in Mexico so I do love this song even more now for this reason.

4. Sunshine selfies - Making happy memories!

5. Where there's sun there's ice cream...MMM Strawberry Cornetto delicious (doesn't beat the Helensburgh mango raspberry ripple flavour though)!

6. Bluebells on our Sunday walk. I do love looking for flowers on our walks! They're so pretty & purplicious; That isn't even a word is it??

7. The view from our apartment window which is happening a lot lately. The contrast of white fluffy clouds against a bold blue backdrop just looks so pretty.

8. Delicious Moo Milk, I can't get enough of it although I am cutting back due to Florida holiday quickly approaching. Beach whale for sure. Plus I cannot believe how cheap it is for such a big carton. Bonus!

9. Nick's family cat 'Jazzy' - She is a little old lady of about 21 years now! Cute Cute Cute xx

What are your little loves lately??


  1. Great post! My little loves lately are Ellie, food (it's all I can think about really) and lovely weather that's not too hot and not too cold. :)


    1. Thanks Felicity, hope your well? The pictures of your Ellie are the cutest! :-) xx